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We did it! I was getting my ‘scorecard’ together to send you my quarterly results and when I tallied up the past three months (and I knew they were going to be good!) I started really looking at what I had done – 90% increase in my revenues and 208% increase in profits! I went back to look at my goals and I realized how your coaching helped me.


Stock Market Clerk

Business has improved and my numbers are really up and more importantly my attitude is great as things are really falling into place. I think the success has come because I’m more organized, determined and purpose driven. I am excited about the future and I’m planning to integrate some of the business strategies we discussed with Mark.



Your coaching course was a great experience that helped me think about my business in a different way. The single most valuable part of it for me was the confidence-building. You gave me a foundation for thinking about issues and facts and circumstances; it has gotten me to a place of learning and desire to improve the current state of my company.

Inspiring Feedback


Karen Smith


My friend told me that this course would change me in a positive way. She was right. It has left me with a renewed sense of confidence. I now have the coaching tools that will help me become a better manager and create an encouraging atmosphere for my employees.

Anthony Davidson

Stock Market Clerk

Your course was helpful as it gives all different views on problems I’m dealing with. Sometimes you don’t realise there is a way to get on with your job without being frustrated or unmotivated. Thank you for showing me the right path in business!

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