Finding a Job of Your Dream is Easy!

We've all been there, riding down the job searching, CV sending or a business plan drafting road... But when we're looking for the job of our dream, we oftentimes confuse our weaknesses for strength and vice versa... In this blog entry, I'm going to show you the difference between the wishful thinking and the optimistic life strategy. It all starts with...


How to Create a Sales and Marketing Plan For Your Business

One thing that almost every small business needs is more sales. From all the types of planning we do for our clients, creating a sales and marketing plan ranks first in importance. The sales process is usually tactical and direct with individual prospects while marketing is generally strategic and aimed toward a group of prospects. To use a fishing analogy, sales would be actually hooking, reeling in and netting your fish, while marketing would be choosing the right time of day, the right lake, the right fishing hole and the right bait. To be successful in growing a business, the owner needs to employ both sales and...